The movement of the man hides within if a manifest energy that in various forms, but that always comes from a first voluntary action: desire to improve.

Every our effort is oriented in this direction: to produce objects that improve the quality of the life and that they concur with the greater number possible of persons to enjoy the benefits of our seats for the greater possible time.

In fact thanks to the high qualitative level of our products, we are in a position to guaranteeing them for 2 years.

We are a company with 20 years of experience in the planning and the creation of new systems of sitting and relax, but we are also a young company, made and dynamic young people, always ready giving to the maximum for the attainment of our objective more within: the well-being in all its forms.

The well-being in all its forms, for we of Poltrosystem, wants to say quality of the product, quality of the life and quality in the service to our customer… before and after… but wants to say also technological search, innovations and solutions.

All this put we it in our job, all, and always with the quality of high handicraft that us to distinguish in our MADE IN ITALY

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